Unravelling the Beauty of Amsterdam: Top 8 Things to Do

Unravelling the Beauty of Amsterdam: Top 8 Things to Do

Located in Europe, Amsterdam is one of the Netherlands’ prized, momentous metropolises. Are you looking for outdoor sports? How about museums or nightclubs? Love cannabis-stocked coffee or want to try something new like this pink bubba strain? The city never runs out of options to make your travel experience worth including in your photo album.

Go to see royal buildings and historic museums

Feed up your historic love with Amsterdam’s museums and landmarks. First, we have the Rijksmuseum, which is regarded as the “daddy” of them all. It is a combined Renaissance and Gothic building where you can find Dutch masterwork collections.

It is also home to the Royal Concertgebouw and Stedelijk Museum, with the latter showcasing contemporary and avant-garde designs or arts. Of course, it also has the prominent Anne Frank of House. Discover Anne Frank’s hiding place throughout WWII.

Experience living like Dutch royalty

Who says fairytales only happen in movies? Let Amsterdam’s fortresses, castles, and palaces give you a ticket to experience living like a royal. Muiderslot is located just fifteen kilometers southeast of the capital. It is a thirteenth-century castle with a drawbridge, towers, and moat.

We should also not forget the oh-so-popular Royal Palace Amsterdam – King of Holland’s official residence. It is the exact location where head states and leaders across the world are accommodated and entertained.

Bargain hunt with Europe’s largest open market

While Amsterdam is yet to open the flea market for the public due to the ongoing threat of a pandemic, you might want to note down this on your activity list for your future escapades. Come and bargain-hunt antique finds or local items in the market. Don’t forget to make friends with Dutch people! IJ-Hallen is one of the most visited markets in the city. Food lovers can head to Lindenmarkt, while Noordermarkt is home to organic foods.

Take a trip to the notorious tulip fields

Well, who can resist the fragrant-smelling tulips? This flower is a part of Dutch culture, so Amsterdam makes sure to hold a tulip festival, aside from a twenty-minute tour to the tulip field and plenty of flowers gorgeously displayed in nearby flower shops.

The Netherlands is the major producer of tulip plants across the world, so don’t be surprised if you see a lot of them around. You can purchase a can or pack and even make the environment more beautiful by planting some.

Go canal tour

To explore the city, consider going canal tour. Take advantage of the city’s stunning landscapes with no physical effort. All you have to do is relax in the boat and admire the beauty. Sounds boring? Definitely, no! It is a long tour that will take you to several attractions and activities, such as cocktail and dinner cruises. Music lovers will appreciate the live jazz band.

Satisfy your cravings with Amsterdam snacks and foods

Of course, a tour wouldn’t be complete without delectable appetizers, meals, and snacks. Go to Pancake House and have a share of its scrumptious pancakes. There are more options guaranteed to make you drool.

You should try Amsterdam’s popular Dutch dish – Haring Hollandse Nieuwe. It is a boneless raw herring fish topped up with pickles and sliced onions. It is soaked in a preserving liquid, which gives you a quite slimy and salty taste. There’s also bitterballen (Belgian snack), kroket, kaas, and poffertjes to satiate your cravings.

Indulge in the famous coffeeshops

In Amsterdam, the coffeeshop is different from coffee and café house. The latter is where you (obviously) find light meals, coffee, and pastries. A coffee shop, however, is where people are allowed to eat space cakes and smoke weed, whether through a joint or even a bong rips. Marijuana and hash were legalized way back in 1976, so nothing to worry about. Just be sure you’re heading to a licensed coffeeshop! Many people visit Amsterdam from far and wide to smoke a joint with a cup of coffee, without anyone batting an eyelid; something which some may say is a dream come true. Although in many places people are able to buy cannabis online, it is not the same as using it in public legally in the comfort of a quaint little cafe.

Get cycling to visit hidden spots

Did you know that there are more bikes than people in Amsterdam? Around 22.8 million bikes or 1.33 bikes for every person. It is ranked second as the most bike-friendly city, next to Copenhagen. Cycling is a daily part of most residents’ lives.

Use it as a form of transportation to visit one of the hidden gems in Amsterdam, such as the Sloterplas. Don’t worry about bringing your bike. Several shops allow tourists and residents to rent a bike at a fraction of the cost.

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