Get to Know Me!

Get to Know Me!


Hello and welcome to my blog, which I created to give essential travel tips and share my knowledge of exploring the world with my husband and kids. My name is Clare Williams and I live with my husband Todd and our two children Owen and Charlotte, hence the name CTOC Adventures. I have recently journeyed into my 40th year of life and I thought what better way to celebrate than to keep traveling and adventuring the world with my family, sharing what I have learned along the way.

I have a real passion for hiking, traveling, and spending time with my family! There is never a moment that I am standing still, from the school run to planning our next trip to another exotic or fascinating location, and the best thing is I get to do it all with my wonderful family, what could be better? Traveling the world is such an amazing experience, it makes you feel younger and it helps you to experience other cultures first hand, which has always been a great thing for my kids. When I am not traveling across the world I am going to the local Rocky Mountains, near our home in Colorado, where we take the kids and dogs for an energizing hike, and I’ll tell you something you really never get bored of the views, they really are breathtaking.

I am not always up in the mountains however, most of the time I am a normal mom; making school lunches, going to soccer practice, and normally the most exciting trip I take is to the local superstore. Even though I love this too, there is nothing quite like trekking along the landscape in a completely different country. So, if traveling the world is something that you have always thought about but never been brave enough to accomplish, maybe my blog will be able to ease your worries about picking up and jetting off.

So, why not come along for the journey with me! Maybe it will inspire you to take your own trip across the world and experience these amazing places for yourself.

Thank you for visiting my blog and happy travels!