The Tips About How to Save money when We fly

The Tips About How to Save money when We fly

Saving a penny is the earning of a penny.  We all love saving money in any way that we could, and of course, we would like to save money when we fly. This post discusses tips about saving money when flying.

Buy Tickets Online and Shop Wisely

Order the ticket online instead of by phone.  Do not talk to a representative of an airline to make the reservation for tickets, which could cost about $15 – $50 per ticket usually. Also, selecting where to sit down, which could cost between $25- $200 per seat, traveler, or leg usually. However, as a frequent flyer or choosing the location could avoid the charge. So keep it in mind when we shop for the tickets and do it wisely.

Make Sure the Date To Fly

Unless making a change in 24 hours, changing flight costs money. Changes in domestic flights could cost between $60 – $200 per ticket. International ticket changes could cost even a lot more, usually $400 and up each ticket.

Travel Light To Avoid Extra for Bags

Nowadays, free checked baggage is exceptional to the rule. Even carry-on bags could cost travelers money if the baggage is over the size or weight restrictions. So, be aware of the size and weight limits for the airliners when flying and pack light.

Sign up for Travel Rewards from Credit Cards

One of the best ways to maximize travel rewards from credit cards is to take advantage of the hefty sign-up bonuses. When we enroll in a new credit card that offers high bonus miles, we could score the rewards worth thousands of dollars simply by opening the credit card. Although many of these credit cards usually have high annual fees, the large sign-up bonus could be worth months or even years’ essentially free flights.

Travel in the Low Season

Avoid traveling in the high season. For example, the flight prices from the United States to the most popular cities of Europe in July could easily get over $1,000. On the other hand, these same flight prices around January could drop significantly, and we could find round-trip flights frequently from most major cities in the U.S. to Europe for under $400 and even often under $300 during the winter months.

Choose Another Airport

As a thumb of rule, flexibility could save a lot of money when it comes to flying. If the flights to our dream destinations are too expensive than we expect, choose a different airport; it could end up cutting us hundreds of dollars and it is well worth traveling the extra distance. Usually, by extending the layover, just to add another city in-between, we could score the flight to our dream destination that is much cheaper.

Keep Attention to Sales

Believe it or not, airlines frequently offer very cheap deals and if we could jump on these deals quickly enough, we could save ourselves a lot of money on flights. The following are some of the tips to find these cheap flight deals to save money:

  • Register for newsletters of our favorite airlines;
  • Register for email lists such as Scott’s Cheap Flights, which are exclusively for tracking airfare sales;
  • Bookmark the pages like Skyscanner’s Daily Flight Deals, Cheap Flights Under $100, Last Minute Flight Deals, and more.

Purchase the Tickets in Foreign Currency

Now that the international fliers go all over the world, we can exchange the currency easily on the websites of the travel agencies or the airlines to find what the flight prices would be in the other currencies so that we could save money on our flight tickets. Keep in mind that not all airlines apply an updated direct currency conversion rate. Thus, if the airline has raised the flight price in U.S. dollars while not in the other, we could save the fares for half of the price.


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