Places You Wouldn’t Want to Miss in Singapore

Places You Wouldn’t Want to Miss in Singapore

Once you get to visit the richest city in the world, you wouldn’t want to miss all of the fun and beauty that it has to present to you. From its famous Lion City to the majestic safari park, to its simple yet superb shopping streets, you would want nothing else but to visit and enjoy each and every one. But what’s not to enjoy in Singapore, right? It has a lot of exciting tourist attractions to show you, delicious food that you are sure to feast upon, all while still being one of the cleanest cities in the world, as well.

After you’ve packed your bags and booked that trip to Singapore, it’s time to list down the places that you couldn’t afford to miss in the place.

Merlion Park

The Merlion Park is undoubtedly one of the most famous tourist spots in Singapore. Once you land on the place, it is somehow a must that you take a picture with the Merlion statue. Almost everyone who has visited and enjoyed their stay in Singapore has also uploaded a picture or two (or more) of them with the Merlion Statue.

If you have no idea of what the Merlion statue looks like, then picture a statue that stands 28 feet tall, its head resembling a lion, with its lower half resembling a fish. The lion’s head’s mouth is wide open, spurting water into the bay. This alone could guarantee you a lot of cute, funky poses for pictures.

Thian Hock Keng

One of the oldest Buddhist temples in Singapore, the Thian Hock Keng, is also otherwise called the Tianfu Temple. What’s remarkable about the temple is that it was built without the use of any nails—not even a single bit. Today, however, it has been restored and has been added with dragon and phoenix sculptures.

The designs of Tianfu Temple’s architecture are fascinatingly intricate, made in traditional southern Chinese style. However, taking pictures of its architecture is prohibited, so you should put your phone away because most of the time if you try to snap even just one image, you’ll get caught. The admission fee, though, is free.

Newton Food Center

Vacations are not complete if you haven’t tried any of their most famous delicacies. It fits for Singapore that we put Newton Food Center first since it has a variety of Singapore’s most delicious street food at such an affordable price. To make things better, this is one of Crazy Rich Asian’s, one of the best rom-com movies to premiere, shooting locations.

From chicken to seafood and even salad, Newton Food Center has everything in store for you and your appetite. Say you would like to have some noodles, then you should try checking out their Soon Wah Fishball Kway Teow Mee. For seafood, Alliance Seafood offers the best crab dishes in the center. TKR Satay has the best Satay, too—skewered and grilled meat often served with sauce.

Gardens by the Bay

Another one of Singapore’s most famous tourist spots, the Gardens by the Bay is packed with a lot of people. Most of them are there to admire the place and, of course, to take countless photos along with it. The gardens are a highly suggested place for those who love to take pictures, even for photographers who are having a hard time deciding on what place they would shoot.

Whether the sun or moon is out, the Gardens by the Bay will never disappoint you with its beauty. At night, the light that decorates the garden makes it just as beautiful as it was during the day. When you’re planning to visit the place, keep in mind that they never run out of tourists.

The Intan

If you are looking for something rather tranquil and would like to stay away from the busy crowd, then you should appoint a visit to The Intan. The place holds numerous Peranakan artifacts, all of which are owned and collected by Alvin Yapp. The Intan is a private home owned by Yapp, as well.

The 1,500 artifacts that sit idly by the house were all gathered by Yapp for 30 continuous years. Everything inside the house is organized meticulously, since Yapp has taken care of it and everything with it deeply, as well. You could only visit The Intan by appointment.

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