What Is Travel Insurance? Here Few Things You Didn’t Know

What Is Travel Insurance? Here Few Things You Didn’t Know

Travel Insurance is insurance that protects people against the risks associated with traveling. As the world gets smaller and you become more easily accessible to other countries, be sure to do your research before leaving on your trip. You never know what can happen!

Why You Should Buy Travel Insurance

There are many reasons why you should buy travel insurance. Perhaps the most important reason is that it can help you financially if you have to cancel your trip or if something goes wrong while you’re on vacation.

Travel insurance can also cover lost or stolen luggage, medical emergencies, and other unforeseen problems that may occur while you’re traveling. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and having travel insurance can give you peace of mind knowing that you’re protected in case of an emergency.

What to Expect when you buy an international travel policy

When you purchase an international travel insurance policy, you can expect comprehensive coverage for a wide range of potential problems that could occur during your trip. Your policy will likely cover medical expenses in the event that you become sick or injured while abroad. This includes evacuation costs if you need to be transported back to your home country for medical treatment. 

Most policies will provide some financial protection in the event of lost or stolen luggage, canceled flights, and other unexpected delays or disruptions.

Types of Travel Policies

There are two types of travel insurance: comprehensive and medical only. Comprehensive travel insurance covers both medical expenses and trip cancellations/interruptions. Medical-only travel insurance covers medical expenses incurred while on your trip.

Both types of policies have their pros and cons, so it’s important to evaluate your needs before purchasing a policy. For example, if you’re planning a long international trip, you’ll likely need comprehensive coverage. But if you’re taking a short domestic trip, medical-only coverage may be sufficient.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of each type of policy:

1) Comprehensive Travel Insurance

This type of policy covers both medical expenses and trip cancellations/interruptions. It’s ideal for international travel, as it can protect you from a wide range of potential risks.

Some comprehensive policies also include additional benefits like lost luggage protection and 24/7 emergency assistance. So if you’re looking for the most comprehensive protection possible, this is the type of policy for you.

2) Medical Only Travel Insurance

This type of policy only covers medical expenses incurred while on your trip. It’s less expensive than comprehensive coverage, but it won’t protect you from things like trip cancellations or lost luggage.

If you’re only concerned about medical coverage, this may be the right type of policy for you. But keep in mind that it won’t cover everything, so you’ll need to decide if the added protection is worth the cost.

When to buy a Travel Policy

Ultimately, it depends on your personal circumstances and travel plans. However, as a general rule of thumb, you should consider buying travel insurance if:

  • You are traveling overseas, particularly to a country with high medical costs or political instability
  •  You are taking part in adventurous activities which may not be covered by your regular health insurance policy
  •  You are going on a long trip or multiple trips within a year
  • You have expensive belongings that you will be taking with you on your trip
  • You have pre-existing medical conditions which could require treatment while you are away from home.

The Cost of Travel Insurance

The cost of travel insurance varies depending on a number of factors, including the length of your trip, the destination(s) you are visiting, the activities you will be participating in, and your age. Generally speaking, the longer your trip and the more adventurous your activities, the more expensive your travel insurance will be.

There are a few ways to keep the cost of travel insurance down. Consider buying a policy that covers only the essentials medical expenses and emergency evacuation. See if your health insurance provider offers any coverage for international travel. Compare quotes from multiple insurers to get the best price. 

Choosing the Right Travel Insurance

The best travel insurance for you will depend on many factors, including your destination(s), the length of your trip, your age, and the activities you will be participating in. If you are traveling to a remote or dangerous destination, or if you are participating in risky activities. It is important to get a policy that covers medical expenses and emergency evacuation. 

If you are traveling with expensive equipment, such as cameras or laptops, you may want to get a policy that covers lost or stolen belongings. And if you are traveling with family or friends, you may want to get a policy that covers cancellation in case someone gets sick or has an emergency.

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