The Best Unique Souvenirs to Collect When Traveling

The Best Unique Souvenirs to Collect When Traveling

Souvenirs help us remember the great times we spent in a particular place. They also act as proof of visiting a specific location. Buying the right souvenir can become quite confusing after arriving at a selling point since many items are available for sale. It is advisable to research things that can be bought as souvenirs before making a purchase. This is to avoid trouble when leaving since some items are illegal to take out of a country. Here are some of the best unique souvenirs to collect when traveling to different parts of the world.

Leather Goods

This is the perfect souvenir to purchase when visiting a country specializing in leather making. I made sure that I left for home with several leather goods when I visited Argentina. I carried out research and found Argentina among the top countries that make leather products. The goods there were also of excellent quality, which pushed me further. Leather products can include belts, pouches, wallets, bags, etc.

Tea Pots

This is the best souvenir to buy when visiting China. Anything related to tea fits as a great item to take from China. Chinese teapots and teacups are some of the ancient design items available in the market. They have a unique appearance, which makes them beautiful. I once visited China for a business meeting and left the country with a well-decorated teapot. Everybody who sees the pot at my place immediately starts talking about Chinese culture. I also bought a tin of Chinese tea to taste when I got back home. There’s definitely a reason why pieces of cutlery are sometimes referred to as ‘fine china.’

Beer Steins

This is a souvenir that is associated with Germany. It is available in the majority of the local stores in Germany. Beer steins are mostly made from porcelain, glass, pewter, or stoneware. These cups either have closed lids or open tops. They are also decorated with patterns that are used by the Germans. Seeing the beer stein in my collection makes me remember the great moments I had in Germany.


Now bear with me I know that you are most likely cringing at the idea of a typical I love London t-shirt and wearing it around. However, that doesn’t have to be the main purpose of that t-shirt. Some people are known to buy these touristy location-specific t-shirts with the intention of eventually collecting them all together, and sending them off to a company such as or they may download their own pattern, to sew them into something similar to a blanket. This can be a great way of seeing all the places and locations you’ve visited in one place and can be an item full of meaningful memories.


Ireland is known to produce the best whiskey in the world. Whiskey lovers never seem to get enough of it. I had a difficult time picking up a souvenir to take home in Ireland. There are many whiskey distillers in the country, and I needed the best. After long research, I found out that Bushmills Distillery was the best whiskey distiller in Ireland. In addition to picking my souvenir there, I also got a chance to see how whiskey is made in Ireland.

Traditional Venetian Masks

These masks were used by Venetians over 800 years ago. This is a great souvenir to mark a visit to Italy. They are lovely and can be used as a wall hanging in the house. The masks are made from glass, leather, or porcelain. I picked up my mask at the Ca’Macana workshop in Venice. This workshop is known to create these masks the same way that the Venetian artisans did it years ago. Though I hang my mask on the wall, there are still moments that I wear it to remind myself of my trip to Italy. In these times of coronavirus, a mask seems like just the perfect collectible, no?


There is no way I would leave ceramic bowls behind when I visited Morocco. They are beautiful pieces decorated with art that makes it difficult for anyone to resist. I bought my ceramic bowls as I was walking around Morocco, learning the Moroccan people’s culture. These bowls are hand-painted with geometric designs and intricate florals. These beautiful ceramics are readily available in Fez and Safi.


It is tough to resist the beauty of African jewelry. I have a lot of African jewelry in my collection, which I bought from Kenya. There are many shops located near tourist centers that sell these necklaces at very affordable prices. My Kenyan jewelry collection reminds me of my visit to the Maasai Mara and learning the culture of the people. I have also collected precious jewelry in India and Sri Lanka. I have a sapphire ring, which gives me a memory of my time in Sri Lanka.


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