The Must Visit Places in Barcelona

The Must Visit Places in Barcelona

If you are a big fan of architecture, you are sure to have the most fun roaming around Barcelona’s streets, since it is known for the outstanding designs of Antoni Gaudi, along with modern art museums that are certain to impress you. Along with those architectures and buildings are stories that draw people into the city.

When it comes to heartwarming stories, appetizing food, and impressive buildings, Barcelona aces all of those three and has a lot in store aside from it, too.  Below is a list of the city’s most notable tourist spots and how they’ve managed to capture the hearts of every tourist that has visited it, as well.

La Sagrada Familia

It would be an absolute shame not to start the list with Barcelona’s most famous tourist attraction. What makes people want to see the Sagrada is that it is an unfinished building and that a century has already passed since the start of its construction has occurred.

The La Sagrada Familia’s start of construction dated way back to 1882, and after a hundred and fifty years, the construction is still ongoing. Theorists have claimed that the building will be finished in the year 2026, but as of now, no one is sure of it yet. The Sagrada was designed by one of the most brilliant architectures to live, Antoni Gaudi. The said architect was buried there, as well.

Casa Batlló

Like the La Sagrada Familia, the Casa Batlló is another brilliant and magnificent work of Antoni Gaudi. It didn’t take a century to build this one, though. Unlike the Sagrada, Casa Batlló was not made from scratch but is rather a remodel of an already built house in the year 1904.

Also an icon to the city of Barcelona, the Casa Batlló is a UNESCO World Heritage site and consistently manages to draw in approximately 1 million tourists every year. You are free to take all the time you would like when visiting the Casa Batlló.

Park Güell

Barcelona just couldn’t get enough of Gaudi. The Park Güell is also another one of the architect’s masterpieces, and this time, it’s a garden complex. Once you get to visit the place, you’re sure to see more of Gaudi’s architectural style from the way he designed the sculptures, colonnades, and benches. Like always, he doesn’t disappoint.

If you find yourself mesmerized by Gaudi’s works and would like to see more, you can check out a museum dedicated to him, as well. It was his old house, but after his death, it was decided to turn into a museum and make it a tourist spot.

City Beaches

Barcelona’s beaches would honestly stretch on for miles, and you wouldn’t get enough of it. It is usually jampacked with many people, maybe locals or tourists, as the beaches are a common spot for hanging out and just enjoying a picnic in broad daylight. You are free to swim, as well, without any charges.

Near the city, beaches are small shops where you could purchase snacks, or just chill around before going to the beach. If you feel like you would want to break from the sea breeze, there are also enough bars nearby where you can help yourself with drinks and cocktails.


If there was a word to describe Montjuïc, then marvelous would fit just right—or maybe you would think it’s an understatement once you get to see the beauty yourself. The Montjuïc is a city district in Barcelona that holds a lot of exhibits and sightseeing for the tourists and locals to gaze upon.

What’s popularly known in Montjuïc is the fountain. Dubbed as the “Magic Fountain”, it holds shows during the night, using lights and music for a more splendid presentation. Watching the water seemingly dance with the effects is what captures the audience, and you’ll find yourself staying, wanting to watch more and do nothing else but admire the exhibit.

Sitting around and watching may sound simple, but the wonder of the Magic Fountain is what makes it grand, especially when you have a special company with you—you’re sure to enjoy the night at Barcelona more than ever.

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