Essential Things to Bring When Travelling

Essential Things to Bring When Travelling

I love traveling with my family. Traveling with companions is more enjoyable than a vacation alone. When going to other places, I am always sure we will all remember the places and the experiences without the hassle. To avoid any hassle, be sure to carry all the must-haves when traveling, including your cloth face masks from websites like StringKing. Here is my list of travel essentials to assemble before going on a road trip.

Booking of tickets/reservations

Whenever I plan to take a trip, the first thing I prepare is the tickets. Different travel agencies offer promos and tour packages for vacationers. A lot of cheap package deals are available during the off-season of traveling. So, I take the opportunity to book early. Early reservations help me save money. It also leaves time for early preparation of other things (vacation leave).


Traveling abroad requires a passport. Before traveling, we make sure that we already have one or be left behind. Surely, we will not get far without this. That is why we always check the validity of our passports. Please have at least half a year allowance before it expires.


I always have my phone beside me, even when traveling. We know that our phone does the things we usually use it for. But you can make the most out of it by carrying it around during adventures. It is beneficial when navigating new places, so you do not get lost. Use smartphones to take pictures. It notifies you of your go-to sites, etc.


Cash is a must-have when traveling. We never know what the trip may bring to us. When traveling, I bring extra money. Even sometimes, food and accommodation are covered in the travel package. I use it in to buy souvenirs and as a reserve for emergencies. Do not forget to find local currency exchanges for the best rates.


Do not forget to bring your undies. I count the days I will be leaving and then add another three as extra for emergency purposes so that I have enough underwear. In case I may run out of it, I can always wash my underwear during the travel. I usually bring some calzoncillos personalizados (also known as personalised underwear!) It makes the trip a little more exciting and fun!

Phone charger, battery pack

I do not particularly appreciate running out of juice during trips, so I always bring a charger and power bank. Losing the chance of taking a good photograph of different places may annoy me. So, I get an extra battery pack for my camera and my phone.

International outlet adapter

It depends on our destination, but I always have a suitable adapter to plug onto different outlets.


Bringing clothes is essential. Packing clothes takes a lot of space, so I ensure I pack enough and only appropriate garments. I consider the activities we will be having on our vacation before deciding what clothes to bring. I would not t say I like having a loaded and heavy backpack. Sometimes, I check on the hotel if they have a laundry room in case our trip is extended.

Walking shoes, socks, and slipper

I take durable walking shoes with me and a pair of slippers. Wearing socks inside shoes is quite comfortable yet walking around in a close shoe may be tiresome. But I do not mind as long as I have comfortable slippers with me.

Water bottle

To stay hydrated on our travels, I carry a water bottle beside me. It is quite sturdy and decorated (with stuff like water bottle stickers). I keep it inside my bag to keep it cool. It saves me effort and money from buying in stores.


Traveling alone or in a group requires bringing medicine. I take different medications with me every time, no matter where I go. It can help me or others curing any sudden illnesses and accidents.


Bringing a comb is a must during tours, especially for girls. We use it to groom ourselves and look neat in pictures when traveling.

Hygiene kits

Hygiene kits such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, soaps, shampoos, deodorants, and sanitizers are essential. Other items like tissues, flosses, foot cleaner, and scrubbers can also be carried as we may need those to maintain our cleanliness during long trips.

These are only a few essential things to bring when going on a trip. You know the basics. But during these times of pandemic, other countries have restrictions for travelers. Most countries require documentation such as SWAB TESTS and COVID Travel Documents. Others mandate travelers to wear face shields and face masks when walking around. Before traveling, check on the guidelines imposed by each country. This is to avoid any trouble and early departure. You still make the most out of your trip despite these pandemics.

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